New Format for Nationals

29 Mar, 2021

PSi has grown over the years and the number of quality courts [needed] to to host all age groups in one province is no longer an option. These were the words of Simon Martin, the founder of PSi, when he annouced that PSi nationals for 2021 will be splitting the age groups. In previous years, the u13s and u14s shared three days of competition and were then followed by the u16s and u18s over the next three days. The competition has now grown to such a size, with so many more players attending the annual hockey extravagansa, that there are just not enough courts available to host all the teams. Thus, it has been decided that the national tournament needs to be split. This year, the u13 and u14 boys and girls will be hosted in Gauteng from 16 December to 22 December, while the u16 and u18 boys and Girls will be hosted by Cape Town over the same dates. The u13s and u16s will play over the first three days and the u14s and u18s will play over the next 3 days.

Whatever the format, the event promises to remain filled with all the excitement and thrills that we have come to expect from the annual celebration of the spirit of indoor.

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